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Yes, we can fulfill our best possibilities as individuals, as societies, and as a species. While it is a challenging aspiration, I believe we have the capacity to understand the significance of the combination of factors that have been causing humankind’s highly problematic existence, and what we can do about it. While they were mentioned earlier, I am summarizing those factors here to help us understand them further, and how we can learn to move forward together more wisely than those who have come before us.

  1. The problems confronting us are so pervasive that it suggests the challenge we face is systemic; that is, system-wide. Therefore, it may not matter how many well-intentioned initiatives there may be to treat the symptoms of or help enhance any part of the system, the scope and seriousness of our problems will continue until we discover the basic cause of humankind’s systemic condition, and what can be done about it.
  2. We are programmable beings whose orientation is shaped by programs encoded on our consciousness by prevailing institutions around which we happen to be situated – governments, schools, religions, etc. As such, an orientation is imposed on us, rather than consciously chosen by us.
  3. We are not encouraged to question the programs advanced by prevailing institutions. Instead, we are encouraged to be faithful to their programs and assume that humankind’s highly problematic existence is either unchangeable or caused by the faulty orientation of others, rather than consider the possibility that the orientation imposed on our consciousness may be faulty.
  4. The programs advanced have not been sufficiently coherent, moral, and universal to orient humankind in a manner that inspires us to move forward together meaningfully, joyfully, and peacefully. Instead, the programs advanced have led and continue to lead to illusions, prejudices, self-limiting ideologies, and other forms of conceptual imprisonment that diminish us as individuals, separate us into warring camps, and perpetuate the endless cycle of misadventures, destruction, and despair that humankind endures.

However formidable those four factors may be, I have no doubt that the Life Mapping, Social Mapping, and MetaVisioning processes provide a strategy that will free and empower humankind to transcend them. Those open-ended, self-catalyzing, self-cleansing mapping processes will encourage us to work together to form groups and communities that show respect for one another’s individuality and for the cultural diversity of humankind. Genuine empathy that leads to civil, truth-seeking, social spaces within which we can more readily access our inherent moral and creative sensibilities – sensibilities that will help: (a) unite rather than divide us into warring camps; (b) generate love, compassion, charity, and hope, rather than hatred, indifference, greed, and despair; and (c) realize that, however culturally diverse humans may be on this planet, we are one species of conscious beings on a developmental journey together in the mazeway.

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