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Mazeway Network


The project will extend its reach around the world by way of the Mazeway Network. When fully developed and functioning, this facility will enable individuals, groups, and communities with access to the Internet to:

1. Become knowledgeable about the The Mazeway Project.
2. Enroll in the Map Your Life, Social Mapping, and MetaVisioning courses online at a very low cost, if not free.
3. Share their thoughts and feelings on the network with other participants within their community and from elsewhere about (a) each element of the Life Map Template, (b) about the great issues of our time, and (c) about the pursuit of a coherent, moral, and universal MetaVision of how humankind can move forward together creatively, joyfully, and peacefully.

As such, the Mazeway Network advances open-ended, self-catalyzing, self-cleansing processes that will help free and empower great masses of us to become comprehensive, critical thinking, and self-directed individuals, who are free of illusions, prejudices, self-limiting ideologies, and other forms of conceptual imprisonment – the key to fulfilling our best possibilities as individuals, as societies, and as a species.

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