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Mazeway Network


The project will extend its reach
around the world by way of the
Mazeway Network. When fully
developed and functioning, this
facility will enable anyone with
access to the Internet to
knowledgeable about The Mazeway Project.

The most important function of the Mazeway Network will be the process of dialogue with other students, who are or were enrolled in the courses. Dialogue about: (a) each element of the Life Map Template,  (b) the great issues of our time, and (c) about the pursuit of a coherent, moral, and universal MetaVision of how humankind can move forward together meaningfully, joyfully, and peacefully.

Along the way, all participants will be encouraged to work together to form groups and communities that show respect for one’s individuality and for the cultural diversity of humankind. Genuine empathy that leads to safe, truth-seeking, social spaces within which we can more readily access our inherent moral and creative sensibilities – sensibilities that will help: (a) unite rather than divide us into warring camps; (b) generate love, compassion, charity, and hope, rather than hatred, indifference, greed, and despair; and (c) realize that, however culturally diverse humans may be on this planet, we are one species of conscious beings on a developmental journey together in the mazeway.

Now, let’s examine the following paragraphs where Temple University’s Professor Leonard Swidler defines a higher level of dialogue that leads to rewarding benefits.

“In the dawning of the age of global dialogue, we humans are increasingly aware that we cannot know everything about anything. This is true for the physical sciences. No one would claim that she knows everything about biology, physics, or chemistry. Likewise, no one would claim that we know everything about the human sciences –sociology, antropology, or good heavens, economics. And, each of these disciplines is endlessly complicated.”

“But, in the field that is the most complicated and complex of all, mainly religion, which, of course, attempts to provide an explanation of the ultimate meaning of life and how to live accordingly, based on some notion of the transcendent. Well, in that area, the most complex of all, there are billions of us humans who claim we know everything. That, of course, is precisely the place where we should be most modest and humble in our claims. Why, because nobody knows everything about anything.”

“Neither I nor anyone can know everything about anything, including this most complicated claim to truth, religion. The question is, how do I proceed to search for an ever-fuller grasp of reality, of truth. The clear answer I believe is dialogue.”

“In dialogue, I come to talk to you primarily so I can learn what I cannot perceive from my place in the world with my personal vengeance of knowing. And, through your eyes, I see what I cannot see from my side of the globe, and vice versa. Hence, dialogue is not just a way to gain more information. Dialogue is a whole new way of thinking. We now are painfully leaving behind the age of monolog and we are, with squinting eyes, entering into the age of global dialogue, during which we can improve our chance, as Mr. Parrotto would say, of fulfilling our best possibilities as individuals, as societies, and as a species.”

S U G G E S T E D  N E X T : Fulfill Our Best Possibilities