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Moving Forward

To fulfill the promise of The Mazeway Project, the vision is to create a Mazeway Center in a university setting. Its functions would include:

  • Continue the development of the Life Mapping, Social Mapping, and MetaVisioning courses.
  • Determine the best approach to incorporating the courses within college curricula and promote cross-discipline and cross-institutional collaborations.
  • Adapt the mapping and visioning processes for use in high school and elementary school programs.
  • Sponsor workshops and forums that encourage other educational institutions to add the courses to their curricula.
  • Offer Mazeway Project workshops and forums for adults in community-based settings, including community centers and adult education programs.
  • Participate in a longitudinal research project that tracks the effects of the courses on the lives of students who had taken them and on institutions that may be influenced by them.
  • Create a Mazeway Network, using the Internet to enable individuals and small groups anywhere on the planet to share and talk about the Mazeway processes.

Fortunately, we are now in a position to address the basic cause of humankind’s systemic condition — the phenomenon of conceptual imprisonment. We can address it because  (a) conceptual imprisonment has been clearly defined, and (b) we know what can be done about it.