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Our MetaMap


MetaVisioning is an illuminating process that broadens our perspective further by encouraging us to resolve coherent, moral, and universal premises upon which to build a coherent, moral, and universal vision of how humankind can move forward together meaningfully, joyfully and peacefully.

I suggest that this capability is inherent within all of us to some degree, as evidenced by extraordinary visionaries of the past, such as Abraham, the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ, and Mohammad. However, we have not been encouraged to press our limits and be so adventuresome as an individual or by collaborating with others. Instead, we have been indoctrinated, more or less, to blindly follow the programs advanced by prevailing institutions, even though those programs continue to fail their promise.

To be prepared to develop a MetaVision, we are encouraged to:

  • step back from the noise of modernity and beyond the confines of our specialty, our social role, and convention;
  • place faith in our own moral compass, rather than submit thoughtlessly to the moral certainty of traditional programs; and
  • rely on science to distinguish truth from what is false, but appreciate that creativity and new truth involve more than the reductive process of science.

We begin by asking overarching questions regarding humankind’s highly problematic existence. For example:

  • Why has no major civilization in the history of humankind survived the test of time?
  • How does a society adapt to change if leaders of prevailing institutions are dedicated to maintaining the status quo and their power and control, rather than dedicated to the best interests of humankind?

We record our thoughts and feelings about these and any other questions we think should be addressed. And then, we discuss them in the classroom, and, if we wish, with family and friends.

At this point, the class begins the pursuit of a MetaVision by working at two levels, individually and collectively. As an individual, we build upon our own page zero premises that we defined during the Life Mapping process and upon our opinions about great issues of our time that we defined during the Social Mapping process. We build upon those premises and opinions by asking ourselves what they inspire us to envision regarding how humankind can direct its developmental journey forward more wisely. We summarize our premises, opinions, and what we envision within an open-ended essay, which becomes our personal “MetaMap.” Probably, unlike any other essay we have composed, there will be no ending. Instead, it becomes an ongoing work in progress that allows us the freedom to modify our point of view as we continue our developmental journey in the mazeway.

And then, collectively, we work together toward reconciling and synthesizing the MetaMaps of the entire class into a coherent, moral, and universal MetaVision of how humankind can move forward together meaningfully, joyfully and peacefully.

This pursuit of clarity about our existence helps each of us to become liberated global citizens, rather than imprisoned conceptually within a provincial orientation where illusions, prejudices, and self-limiting ideologies prevail. 

S U G G E S T E D  N E X T : Student Feedback or MetaVisioning Syllabus or Database of MetaMaps