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Becoming Free and Empowered To Fulfill Our Best Possibilities
Throughout the years of my search for the truth, I did not feel shame when I asked dumb questions, as long as I uttered them with humility.  I may have been naïve and did not know what I did not know, but at least I would try to pursue knowledge without my ego driving… READ MORE


Life Mapping: Gaining Clarity About Our Identity 
Life Mapping is a process that frees and empowers us to direct our life’s journey from our own point of view, rather than thoughtlessly follow the prescriptions and proscriptions of prevailing institutions. This journey of self-exploration helps clarify our understanding of our self as a … READ MORE


Social Mapping: Our Opinions About the Great Issues
Social Mapping builds upon the clarity we gained about our self through the life mapping process by encouraging us to assemble a map of our opinions about great issues of our time, such as: Conceptual Imprisonment, Education, Leadership, Natural Resources, Environment, Healthcare,  READ MORE


MetaVisioning: Broadening Our Perspective Further
Do we have the wherewithal to stop the endless cycle of misadventures, destruction, and despair by conceptualizing a coherent and moral vision of how we can move forward together creatively, joyfully, and peacefully?


Book Reviews
“I found Navigating the Mazeway to be deeply perceptive and informative in a wide range of academic fields.  … In this undertaking the author has drawn upon an impressive range of intellectual, academic disciplines: historical, philosophical, psychological and sociological. READ MORE


Mazeway Project Glossary
Defines key terms used to explain major aspects of the project. READ MORE