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Mazeway Network


The project will extend its reach
around the world by way of the
Mazeway Network. When fully
developed and functioning, this
facility will enable anyone with
access to the Internet to
knowledgeable about all aspects of The Mazeway Project.

The most important function of the Mazeway Network will be the process of dialogue among students and among others interested in the project. Dialogue about: (a) each element of the Life Map Template,  (b) about the great issues of our time, and (c) about the pursuit of a coherent, moral, and universal MetaVision of how humankind can move forward together meaningfully, joyfully, and peacefully.

One very important variable to the dialogue process is the higher level of it defined in the next segment, Global Dialogue, by Professor Leonard Swidler, leader of the Dialogue Institute Programs at Temple University.
S U G G E S T E D  N E X T :  Global Dialogue