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Student Feedback

I am pleased to report that the feedback from students, who have experienced the courses, has been very positive. Here are some examples of what they wrote:




  • Thank you both for making this the best class I’ve had at Drexel. Never have I had such personal connections and open discussion with everyone in the room.
  • Life Mapping made me think about myself and my future in a way that I have never done before. It allowed me to focus on myself, and think about what I really want to achieve during my life. It helped me define my true hopes, dreams, and ideals.
  • One of the best courses I have taken. The things I have learned were enlightening, and everyone should participate (students and faculty) in a course like this.
  • I really enjoyed reading Tony’s book. It was honest and truly inspiring. It helped me understand the aims of the course and the reasoning behind it. I liked the discussion format of the class, and enjoyed hearing the opinions of others, as it helped me to hone my own.
  • I came out of every class a little smarter. Thank you for such an amazing experience.
  • If this process (Life Mapping) would be incorporated into our educational curriculum, future generations would certainly have a better prospect of reaching their potential, and in doing so, society would benefit.
  • I now look at my life differently. I have more confidence in myself and in my opinions.
  • I think what you’re doing has profound implications, especially if you continue to increase and broaden your audience.
  • I believe Tony’s plan is exactly what educators need to understand before they attempt to teach.
  • Thank you is all I have to say. I’ve been frustrated for quite some time during my education because there was a lack of interest in teaching some of the things that truly matter most in life. I feel that this class and the professors are exactly what need to be introduced into education. There are so many things that go untaught; it really is a shame. Push this as far as you can go. Seriously, you’re onto something big. I wish you all the success you deserve with this course. I think the course is a great idea, and a breath of fresh air from my daily class schedule.
  • Mapping my life has been a very insightful exercise in getting to know myself and others. I believe that the power of this course is in the teaching of self-reflection and the questioning behind my life. Before I took this course I was not able to think about where I wanted my life to go, but using the life map allowed me to solidify all of my ideas and thoughts on paper. Now I am able to constantly go back and reflect on these issues, revise and add to them, and expand on them to keep mapping myself. Life in the mazeway is hard, but it becomes much easier once you have a solid understanding of who you are and where you want to go. I have recommended this class to everyone that I know that is still in Drexel, and I hope they can experience this the same way I have.  Tony Parratto and Wes Shumar have put together a brilliant class and I look forward to keeping in touch with them to see how it has educated other well-rounded and thoughtful students.
  • During two previous terms at Drexel, I was lucky enough to take two classes with Professor Wesley Shumar: Map Your Life and Social Mapping. Those classes helped me reflect on the major elements and institutions that contribute to society, as well as my own way of thinking and how I can begin to think beyond my own perspective. As a result of the success I found in the previous courses, I decided to pursue Tony Parrotto’s learning trifecta and register for MetaVisioning to gain even more clarity on those taken-for-granted aspects in life. It is safe to say I was not let down. Similar to Life Mapping and Social Mapping, Metavisioning has truly opened my mind up to the way I see the world. It is important to note that every human being experiences life in a different way. We see, understand, and interpret the same situations differently based upon how we grew up and what we have gone through. In essence, our perception is reality. It is both freeing and captivating to come to this realization after being a part of Professor Shumar’s classes.

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