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Becoming Free and Empowered To Fulfill Our Best Possibilities

Throughout the years of my search for the truth, I did not feel shame when I asked dumb questions, as long as I uttered them with humility.  I may have been naïve and did not know what I did not know, but at least I would try to pursue knowledge without my ego driving the process and without illusion being its cornerstone. Occasionally, I would be called “too idealistic.”  I eventually found that amusing. I began perceiving others who were content with the status quo, as being lazy, fearful, or simply unable to imagine a better alternative.  It wasn’t that I needed them to agree with me.  Instead, I wished they would enter the debate, think more critically and holistically, and strive to realize what is possible and noble for us and for our society.

During my life’s journey, I did not realize that being able to see the social process from both sides of the looking glass would give me an advantage in my personal life, in business, and what was to become a transcendent journey through the “the mazeway.”

I define “the mazeway” as you, me, and everyone else, functioning within the social process on this planet, situated in an infinite universe – a puzzle within a puzzle within a puzzle. No maps or instruction manuals come with the puzzles. Instead, we are surrounded by many individuals and institutions that offer their perspective about how the world works or ought to work, and how we should model our lives. Unfortunately, those perspectives have largely failed their promise and have led to humankind’s highly problematic existence.

That is, as societies, we are challenged by a wide range of serious problems, including but not limited to: antiquated systems of education, environmental degradation, dysfunctional systems of government, corruption, inadequate healthcare programs, social injustice, poverty, disease, war, terrorism, overpopulation, and cultural lag. 

The problems confronting us are so pervasive that it made me wonder about the future of humankind. That is, will we survive the test of time or become just another failed civilization? 

That wondering led me to a profound insight regarding how we can begin to deal with humankind’s highly problematic existence, and increase the chances of becoming free and empowered to fulfill our best possibilities as individuals, as societies, and as a species.

Welcome to The Mazeway Project. My name is Tony Parrotto. This initiative is based on my book, NAVIGATING THE MAZEWAY: Fulfilling Our Best Possibilities As Individuals and As a Society.

S U G G E S T E D  N E X T : The Basic Cause of Humankind’s Highly Problematic Existence