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This glossary defines key terms used to explain major aspects of the project.

Coherent. The quality of being logically or aesthetically consistent, with all separate parts fitting together to form a harmonious and credible whole.

Conceptual Imprisonment. A perception of self and of the world diminished by illusions, prejudices, and/or self-limiting ideologies.

Illusion. A false idea, conception, or belief.  Something that deceives the senses or mind by appearing to exist when it does not, or appearing to be one thing when it is in fact another.

Malleable General Masses We are part of the malleable general masses within the social process when our minds and hearts can be shaped and perhaps reshaped by the programs of the mind advanced by prevailing institutions and individuals.

Mazeway constitutes you, me, and everyone else, functioning within the social process of this planet, situated in the riddle of the universe — a puzzle within a puzzle within a puzzle.

MetaVisioning is a process dedicated to resolving coherent, moral, and universal foundations upon which to build a coherent, moral, and universal vision of how humankind can move forward together creatively, and peacefully.

Moral — concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.

Open-Ended. A strategy easily modified and having no determined limit or boundary.

Page Zero Premises. These are basic premises that underpin programs of the mind. At the core of each program, on its page zero, is a set of premises that empowers the program.

Prejudice. A preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Programs of the Mind constitute thought patterns we acquire through exposure to our culture. Religion, government, schools and the family are the institutions primarily responsible for inculcating programs of the mind.

Self-catalyzing and Self-cleansing. An institution designed to function organically with checks, balances, and internal feedback loops that help catalyze and cleanse the system in a manner that spawns creativity, sustainability, and further development. Currently, most institutions function bureaucratically, with a traditional top-down organizational construct that lacks these attributes.

Self-Limiting Ideology. Body of ideas and system of beliefs shared by a particular social class or social movement that is not open-ended, self-catalyzing, and self cleansing.