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Moving Forward

After co-teaching the Map Your Life and Social Mapping courses at Drexel University many times (in the classroom and online) and reviewing encouraging feedback from a wide range of students, I came to this conclusion. If the three courses become an integral part of systems of imparting knowledge in the U.S.A. and abroad, it would soon be discovered that an emphasis on empowerment and freedom from illusions, prejudices, self-limiting ideologies, and other forms of conceptual imprisonment would lead to profound enlightenment and development of individuals in our society and beyond. We would be spawning a mental revolution and, ultimately, a global “we the people” social movement that will change our way of living in the world – a ground-up way that is meaningful, joyful, and peaceful — a way that would lead to the cure of humankind’s systemic condition.

  • As such, the Mazeway Project is moving forward with these goals in mind:
  • Encourage colleges and universities worldwide to add the Map Your Life, Social Mapping, and MetaVisioning processes to their curricula.
  • Encourage prep schools with strong, imaginative leadership to add the mazeway processes to their knowledge imparting system because Life Mapping, Social Mapping, and MetaVisioning would help empower their students to become: (a) comprehensive, critical thinking, self-directed individuals, (b) free of illusions, prejudices, self-limiting ideologies, and other forms of conceptual imprisonment, and (c) oriented in a manner that is coherent, moral, and universal.
  • After success getting the processes added to a few prep schools, focus on getting the processes added to high schools.
  • Because the mazeway courses will do well as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), I will pursue getting them established on one of the major providers that offer them, such as Coursera and edX.
  • Participate in a longitudinal research initiative that tracks the effects of the courses on the lives of students who had taken them and on institutions that may be influenced by them.

I hope those goals are satisfied quickly because we are probably in a race against time. That is, unless we address the basic cause of humankind’s systemic condition, conceptual imprisonment, we will continue to endure a highly problematic existence and run the risk of irreversible decline. Fortunately, we are now in a position to address the basic cause because (a) conceptual imprisonment has been clearly defined, and (b) we know what can be done about it.